Tatum Institute, USA - Atlanta, Georgia


Tatum institute in Atlanta is the premier place in the United States to learn the NIRISAB philosophy. Our classes cater to each individuals experience level and learning style.

The goal is for your practice to grow by expanding your knowledge and experiences in treatment of patients. We emphasize treatment planning the will allow the majority of patients to be stable for the rest of thier life. This is accomplished by managing the forces transferred into the bone from prosthetic components through the supporting abutments.

We have a "state of the art" educational center with great technology to provide for classroom lectures, hands-on practicals, and the viewing of live surgeries with participant interaction during the procedure. The ability to have multiple instructors gives each participant ample opportunity to learn. In addition, class size is limited which further enhances your learning experience. As an added bonus, our participants in each module will receive an additional gift. In Module 1, you'll be receiving a free implant of your choice from Tatum Surgical, Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank will be offering Irradiated Cancellous Bone to the participants of Module 2 and a Bone Block to the participants of Module 3.

Our facility is only 20 minutes from the Atlanta Airport and participants have a choice of several local hotels within walking distance from the class. Each module is eligible for 16 hours of continuing education through the AGD.

Tatum Institute, USA. Where you can find:

T - Talented clinicians seeking further education
A - Applied skills in a real world setting
T - True dedication to Implant Dentistry
U - Unique State-of-the-Art facility
M - Mentorship

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